How to Increase Property Value in Northern Virginia

Undoubtedly, the most effective way to boost property value is to renovate parts of your home. Statistics show that homeowners can drive their property value much higher if they fix structural issues, upgrade rooms and appliances, and switch to more durable materials. Redecoration and smaller renovations like repainting can also increase the price.

However, you as a homeowner need to carefully pick the improvement project. Some upgrades can bring you profit while others will only harm your pockets. Read on to learn what Northern Virginia homebuyers love and which projects can bring you the most benefit.

How to Increase Property Value

Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

The real estate market often changes, however, there are some things that remain constant. For years now, homebuyers prioritize certain areas in homes over others. The two most important ones are the kitchen and the bathroom.  So, usually, buyers will spend more for a house with an astonishing bathroom than one with a great bedroom.

How to Increase Property Value

Consider a Home Addition

Another effective and profitable upgrade is building a home addition. The price of your home will instantly increase as you add more livable square footage. Your home addition can be attached or detached from the primary house.

For those who dislike large construction projects or don’t have the budget to build from scratch, we recommend a room conversion.  Use your unfinished abandoned basement or attic to create a guest room or a home office. This will have a positive effect on property value as well. 

Invest in Curb Appeal

If you are renovating to sell, another home improvement project to add on your to-do list is improving curb appeal. Let’s be honest – first impressions matter! Some buyers won’t even get inside the house if they don’t like how it looks on the outside. This is an extremely important part of selling a home. Higher curb appeal attracts more buyers and increases chances of making a sale.

How to Increase Property Value

There are limitless options for increasing curb appeal. Some houses may simply need a fresh coat of exterior paint while others may need landscaping, window and door replacements, or driveway makeovers. Whatever you choose, make sure you stick to your budget and vision.

Use Neutral Colors

Redecorating is also crucial if the goal is selling your home. You need to use colors and decorations to make the home warm and welcoming. However, it’s recommended that the décor style remains neutral.

The reason is that you want to attract a larger group of people. Overly personalized and decorated homes can distract and overwhelm some buyers. Instead of achieving this effect, you want buyers to feel at ease and be comfortable enough to imagine their future in the home.

So, repaint bright-colored walls, remove bold and eccentric furniture items, and declutter the spaces. If you can, remove personal items like art, photographs of you and your family, and handmade décor. 

Consult Local Contractors

A common mistake homeowners make is they opt for DIY projects for the sake of their budget. However, this can do more harm than good. Unless you are an expert, a DIY construction project can go sideways in the blink of an eye.  So, our last advice – don’t DIY everything!

Instead, choose experienced and knowledgeable contractors that can help you finish the job faster, in the right way, and with no regrets. Besides saving you from a lot of trouble, this is also a great selling point down the road. For instance, most Northern Virginia buyers will feel more comfortable if they know the bathroom was renovated by experienced contractors rather than by the homeowners themselves.

At Thomas Custom Builders, we talk about your budget, your wish list and your absolute requirements.  There is always more than one way to get a job done, and our Value Engineering process generates alternatives that make the job a win-win.

In the Thomas Custom Builders system, we meet with you, listen to you, and give you honest feedback and ideas for the best possible home remodel within your budget.  We work with you to select the best choice to maximize your money and bring you the biggest return on your investment. 

In conclusion it’s evident that home improvement projects can bring many advantages to the regular homeowner, especially when it comes to increasing property value. However, not all home upgrades are created equal. If you don’t organize properly, any type of project can go astray. So, the key to a successful home upgrade lies in proper planning.

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