Honing in on Home Shows

Spring is the season for home shows. It seems every town has at least one, and on that weekend, residents tend to flock to the show to see what’s new and trendy, see how much money they can save on materials and services, possibly find a builder or trade speciality person.

If you want to get anything accomplished at your local home show, go with a specific agenda in mind so that you can laser in on your needs. If you’re looking for the latest in appliances, make a list of your top choices for brands and pre-select the booths you’ll visit that have these models. No need to shop every booth on the floor. You’ll be overwhelmed and find yourself laden with heavy bags full of literature and freebies that will clutter your kitchen counter or go right in your trash bin. You’ll lose track of why you came in the first place. Inevitably, as you’re dragging these bags out of the exhibit hall, that will be the exact time that a window specialist or termite control person stops you with an unbelievable offer. If you’ll just fill out his questionnaire, he’ll come by your home tomorrow to meet with you and your significant other to tell you all about his product and his limited time offer. No pressure.

Don’t be lured into purchasing big-ticket items or services at the show. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. You set your goal before you went to the show – now stick to it. No contractor or trades person can give you an accurate estimate without seeing your home and learning your needs first. Do your research before you select anyone to do a job at your home. You might find the right specialist at the show, but his or her reputation will be easy enough to research when you arrive home. In addition, if he’s a reputable contractor, his “deal” will still be valid next week or next month.