Home Remodeling for the Holidays – Maybe Next Year

The holidays are approaching and that’s the time of year everyone starts wishing they had a bigger, more functional kitchen, a larger dining area, a cozy stone fireplace or an extra bathroom for all those holiday guests.  While it’s too late to expect anything to come together this year, it’s not too late to plan for next year.  Take notes during your annual Thanksgiving feast.  Would you prefer to have a more open floor plan so everyone can feel part of the preparation for the dinner?  What types of appliances would work best for your cooking and entertaining style?  Make any and all observations, then when the holiday rush is over, pick up the phone and call your local kitchen remodeler.

It takes time and effort on the homeowner’s part to discover what they want and what they can realistically afford.  It also takes time and effort on the builder’s part to understand the client’s needs.  Once you get the blueprints going and the plans finalized, the timeline should allow plenty of room for an unhurried job, as well as any challenges that arise during the renovation.  Start now and beat the spring rush. Be guaranteed for next holiday season – no stress!