Home Remodeling Can Be a Space Maker

Today’s homes have many unused spaces that can become usable with just a little innovation and creative home remodeling.  The days of the formal dining rooms and living rooms are gone, as are the infrequently used guest rooms. Instead of storing junk in that room, turn it into a valuable space for your family.  Remodel the spare bedroom to accommodate an office or study lounge. This can happen with re-decorating or remodeling efforts. Installing built-in shelving or knocking out a wall to expand the room can make the space more user-friendly for office work or studying. Build in sizable closets for storage and filing. Once the remodeling is done, a flip-flop sofa or sofa bed is a décor element that can accommodate guests.

For better use of formal living and dining rooms, consider expanding adjacent areas into the existing living/dining room. For example, double or triple your kitchen space by opening up walls from these rooms and creating a large cooking and entertaining area.  You’ll be able to cook and mingle with guests at the same time. Extend kitchen counter space or add an island with a second cooking area.  Another popular idea is to create a great room from a living/dining room combination. By opening up the space, you not only make your home look bigger, you make space.