High-end Luxury Bath Remodeling

Whether your bathroom is big or small, it can still be big on luxuries. From master bath to basement bath, and anything in between, you can add amenities that make your remodeled bathroom seem just a little grander than the run-of-the-mill water closet. Make it an oasis of comfort and decadence with some of these features:

Spa – This word can conjure up a variety of images, so make sure your custom remodeler knows which vision is yours. A spa bathroom may mean that you want it modeled after the design of a spa, with rich colors and textures, strong, clean lines, half walls of tranquil blues and greens, and surround sound music available for relaxation. Or, a spa may simply be a jacuzzi tub with soothing jets of water that can be controlled to massage your tired body as you relax in its deep water. Add a Chroma therapy tub, which dispenses feel-good colored lights into the bath water, so you can bathe in a full spectrum of light. Not a bather? A shower with jacuzzi jets can also be a nice addition to a spa bathroom.

luxury bathroom remodeling

Luxury open showers An open shower is exactly what it sounds like. If you’re not a stickler for privacy, the open shower can be positioned in the middle of the bathroom with all glass walls, or it can be against a wall with three panels of glass. Today’s showers can be custom designed to be large and roomy. What really sets them apart are the fixtures. Often, a combination of fixtures may include a rain showerhead or waterfall showerhead, both providing plenty of water pressure, plus a hand-held showerhead for more direct control. Some showers even have multiple fixed showerheads.

Flooring – Flooring choices should include safety considerations as well as be functional and aesthetically appealing. Consider the people who will use the bathroom, and plan accordingly. If it’s a main bathroom, a ceramic tile that’s both durable and easy to clean is a good option. If it’s a master suite luxury bathroom, you can consider marble or larger tiles. Hardwood, although a lovely choice, might not be the best idea for a bathroom due to continued exposure to humidity. Many high-end bathrooms are using tiny subway tiles on floors and walls. Your choice – just be sure the flooring material is slip-proof and easily cleaned.

Many floors add LED lighting along the perimeter – an especially functional feature to help navigate those night time trips to the bathroom. A heated floor is a luxurious touch, and you’d be surprised at the reasonable costs for this seeming extravagance. Make the decision to have heated floors at the outset, because the installation process is much easier during the early construction phases.

Niches – Built-in niches are a sign of a true custom-designed bathroom. Working with your design and build team you can place niches exactly where you need them for your lifestyle. Think about how many times you’ve thought, “I could really use a shelf here,” when searching for the right shampoo in that disorganized shower caddy. Niches are a custom feature and are commonly used in showers to house shampoos, soaps and sundries. Or, they can be much larger to accommodate towels and linens. They are an ideal way to keep your bathroom organized and looking like it’s ready for a magazine photo shoot.

Stone and Tile – Adding some natural stone or tile to the bathroom gives it a more customized look and feel and it’s sturdy and durable. Granite and marble make beautiful counter-tops for sinks, as well as tiles in the shower. Integrate a tile pattern design with speciality copper or colourful tiles against the neutral background. Natural stone and tile are popular in high-end bathrooms, lending an ergonomic, contemporary look.

Warming Trends – Ideally, a luxurious bathroom would always be the perfect temperature – not too warm, and not too cold. A separate thermostat control in the bathroom is yet another well-placed amenity. Add some elements of warmth like heated towel bars, heated floors, and even a fireplace. The towel warmers and heated floors are that little surprise touch that will make guests smile. The fireplace is the ‘Wow” factor, and it is both functional and lends an air of beauty.

Morning bar – You don’t even have to make your way to the kitchen with this luxury upgrade. A morning bar can be as simple or as grandiose as you like, but its key staples are a coffee maker and/or teapot, mini refrigerator and sink. It’s the wet bar brought bath side. Keep a chilled bottle of wine in the fridge and a few wine glasses.

The luxury bathroom has its benefits. After a long day, look forward to relaxing there. Fill the Jacuzzi spa with warm water and soothing bath salts, sink into the deep, relaxing tub with a chilled glass of wine. Turn on the fireplace, crank up the tunes and soak, while you look forward to wrapping yourself in that warm towel. Ahhhhh.

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