Help! We’re Remodeling!

Living through a remodel can be difficult. It places stress on a family and on the builder. But if you follow a few simple tips both before and during a remodel, you just might come out with a good experience.

First, have proper expectations. Know that no matter what the job is, there will be some inconvenience. If it’s a kitchen remodel, you’ll be without a kitchen for a long period of time. It’s a given. If it’s a bathroom remodel, make arrangements to move everything to another bathroom in the house and get used to using it.

Next, hire a responsible, honest general contractor with a proven track record. Choose someone who comes highly recommended not only for their work but for their respect of their clients’ homes. Professional remodelers earn their money by being professional – that’s why you don’t automatically take the lowest bidder. The remodelers with the most experience cost more money because you’re paying for experience. They’ve had decades of getting to know how to do things – from making their clients comfortable to getting the job done on time and on budget.

Be prepared with a sense of humor and a sense of time. The sense of humor will get you through the frustrating times. The sense of time, or timeline from the remodeler, will keep you on track so you know when to actually be frustrated. Develop a relationship with your remodeler and flag any issues immediately so they don’t eat up precious time.

Finally, enjoy the process as much as you can. Take before, during and after pictures to keep a record of your remodel. When you look back, you won’t believe your eyes.