Healthy Kitchen, Healthy Eating

If efforts at eating healthy are thwarted by your kitchen, maybe it’s time for a kitchen remodel. What? That’s right. If you have a healthy kitchen that has ways to make healthy eating more convenient, you are more likely to maintain healthy habits. While there are lots of appliances that are great for helping you prepare healthy foods and innumerable recipes for healthy foods themselves, we’re talking about building your kitchen around healthy living.

If you are already health-conscious, communicate the ways you like to cook and store food to your professional builder or remodeler. If you want to be more health-conscious and don’t know how to make your kitchen healthy, ask your builder.

For example, include an ample-sized pantry — not for cookies, chips and candy, but for storing the staples necessary for healthy eating , like boxes of whole-wheat pasta, olive oils, vinegars, canned broth. Second, select cabinetry that will hold all your odd-shaped and odd-sized appliances. Cabinets can be custom-made for height and width, and you can select drawers and slide-out shelves that are perfect for that extra juicer or griddle you’ll use for healthy smoothies or low-fat entrees. Adding a grill element to your stove or putting a grill in an island is also a great way to encourage healthy cooking. Indoor grilling makes low-fat cooking easy and convenient year-round. There’s no walking in and out to the grill that is on the deck or in the driveway. Grilled food is prepared with less fat and retains more vitamins and minerals. Be sure the grill is properly vented and positioned properly for best use. An island or side area away from the main stove or oven is often recommended.

Finally, choose flooring for your kitchen that is easy on the legs and feet. Standing for long periods of time on ceramic tile or slate can be unforgiving to your legs and back – linoleum or hard woods are better. Whatever your healthy material, it should feel good to you and the way you and your family live.