Good Morning, Room!

You’ve probably heard it called a breakfast room, a sun room, or a drawing room. Today, it’s called a morning room. It’s a place to sit and eat, read, relax and enjoy a quiet time during the day. Morning room additions are a great way to expand a kitchen or family room. They are usually placed where the natural light in the morning hours can spill into the room through large windows. Whether they are floor-to-ceiling, bay or picture windows, they create an ambiance of bringing the outdoors inside. The morning room is one of the best ways to enjoy nature and the change of seasons. If you live in northern Virginia, relaxing in your morning room will afford you a view of the delicate spring buds on the trees, the rich, greenery in the summer, the fiery foliage in the autumn and the pristine white snow in the winter.

Since the morning room is positioned on the house for the best light all day long, the room will feel pleasant and natural. Maintain that essence by trying natural materials such as slate, stone or wood flooring. Keep walls light colored, both to make the room brighter and to give the illusion of a larger room. The lighter the walls and floor, the more the light will be reflected, keeping the room bright, even on a dreary day.

Your custom remodeler can identify the location that will offer the best natural light, and advise you on a good size – the room should be big enough to handle average size furniture, especially if it’s an addition to your kitchen or family room. It can also be an extension of your master suite. What better way to wake up and say, “Good Morning!”