Going Up!

Challenge: You want to add on to your home but don’t have the space on your lot.

Solution: Build up!

A second-floor addition is a great way to incorporate a bedroom, bathroom, in-law suite or office. While it is not without headaches and risks, it can also be a good solution. A second-floor addition is usually not a zoning concern in Fairfax. If in Arlington or Alexandria, do have your custom builder check your local laws and get the right permits.

If you live in an older home and have an attic, your custom builder might be able to turn it into the room of your dreams. Building up will also save you some aggravation and money. With a second-floor custom remodel, there will be no need for excavation and no new foundation. However, if the roof is coming off, you’ll have to make plans to stay somewhere else during this period of construction — usually for about a week. In the end, you’ll end up with a great new addition and a taller house!