Give Your Home a Face Lift

General home maintenance is important from the minute you move into your dream house. Sometimes the house isn’t a dream at first, but a vision to which you aspire. In addition, despite the most meticulous upkeep, homes still age from weather, general living wear and tear and new market trends. As you live in a home over time, you get a better idea of what would make living easier, or what really would constitute your dream home. Remodeling can come at any time during the life of a home.

The aging of a home is a great reason to remodel. It’s often recommended to consider remodeling or updating when a home reaches the 10 to 15-year mark. In most northern Virginia counties, according to local real estate listings, the average home for sale is over 30 years old. Areas like Alexandria City and Falls Church have homes of 60 or more years, and the average age of homes in Loudoun County, the fastest growing county in the U.S. through 2012, is 26 years old. These areas don’t remain the hottest places to live because the homes are outdated.

Bathrooms and kitchens age the quickest. Not only are they the most used, they are the areas that are of the most focus in new products and designs. If your home doesn’t have that dream kitchen or bath and it’s more than 10 years old, now may be the right time for a remodel. The extent of the work can range from new tile, sinks and showers in the bathroom, or a total reconfiguring of the space to include more cabinetry and storage space, his and hers sinks and a giant shower instead of that outdated soaking tub. In the kitchen, upgrades can be as simple as new, updated appliances or a full re-design that includes a center island with cooking capability, an open floor plan and new cabinetry. The key is tokeep your home looking young with facelifts along the way.