Getting In The Zone

Spring is a time to get organized.  Custom remodeling is one way to do that.  Whether it’s adding built-in cabinets and shelving or creating a whole new room, you can make your home a haven for all the wayward “stuff” that never seems to have a place.  Get creative.  Bump out your laundry room and make a “drop zone” or mud room.  This is a simple addition that can save time and money.  Shoes, jackets, sporting equipment and more can find their places in the drop zone.

From cubbies to cabinets, the built-in organizational possibilities are endless.  The key:  stuff will be handy when the kids are on their way out the door, and it will be left in one central location on the way into the house.  Add a closet with shelves and baskets so that laundry can be sorted in one step – with each load in its own basket.  Have a bench built in, with storage underneath for shoe changing.  The mud will stay in the mud room, and you’ll wonder how you lived without the “drop zone.”