Get the Warranty!

When the question of warranties or extended warranties is posed after a major purchase, do you cringe?  Do you think it’s just one more expense on top of an already large investment?  Or, do you simply say, “What’s another couple hundred dollars?”

Warranties are important on all large purchases, including building materials and builder craftsmanship. While many items come with a limited warranty, the savvy buyer will explore the warranty and the life span of the product.  The same tactic should be used on materials used for a home addition or remodeling project.  It’s smart to buy good materials from the outset.  Not only will they last longer, but they will also have a better warranty.  It’s also smart to make sure your builder is buying through local authorized suppliers.  The materials are more complete, and if you do have a claim, you will have an ally in a local merchant.  Remember that if something goes wrong, a warranty covers it at no cost.  Manufacturers who are confident in their products tend to provide better warranties and stand behind their products.

The same goes for builder services.  A builder who will guarantee workmanship is confident in his craft and takes great pains to make sure the job is done well.  Custom remodelers and builders who stand behind their work know that customer satisfaction is paramount.  That warranty means that any dissatisfaction is addressed immediately.  So, evaluate the warranties, and look for goods and services that guarantee your satisfaction.