Floored By Flooring Choices?

Don’t let the plethora of flooring choices make your head spin. If you’re doing a home addition, room addition or any remodeling, consider your flooring options by looking at form, function and finances. Get something you’re going to love, but that will also serve the purpose for the room. Evaluate how you’ll be using the room: Is it a high traffic area, like a mud room? Will you be standing for long periods on it, like in a kitchen? Do you want warmth in a room, like a bedroom?

Look at your budget and your lifestyle, as well as your tastes. Linoleum, now better known as sheet goods or sheet flooring, is economical and tough, but might not be the most attractive choice. Stone and tile are beautiful and low-maintenance, but they can be very cold and hard for standing. Wood is also very attractive and a bit softer than tile. It’s easy maintenance, but must be dusted frequently. One of today’s most popular choices is laminate flooring. Low maintenance and durable, many laminates offer a neoprene backing that provides give under foot, warmth and moisture control. Carpet is also great for sound, softness and warmth. It cuts down on echo in the room and helps hold in the heat. It also comes in a range of prices — from inexpensive to luxurious – and a range of textures – from berber to plush. Avoid using carpet in areas prone to moisture like bathrooms or mud rooms. If you go with a lower-priced carpet, buy a good padding to make it feel better under foot and last longer.

Ultimately, when doing a room addition or room remodel the choice is yours – don’t let it floor you.

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