Five Reasons Why a Family Room Addition Can Change Your Outlook


If you’re already feeling a little claustrophobic this winter, consider a remodeling project that can change the way you live in your home. A family room addition or renovation might just be the answer to that “closed-in” feeling you’re getting. Here are a few improvements that can result from a family room addition:

  • Improved traffic flow – a new family room can help guide traffic flow in your home. As a centrepiece, it becomes a gathering spot. As an addition on one side of your floor plan, it beckons traffic away from the busiest areas.
  • Crowd control – if the family room opens off the kitchen, or flows into the kitchen, creating a great room design, it becomes an overflow area for guests and family members. While everyone congregates in the kitchen during a party, a family room/great room becomes a seamless part of the kitchen, providing flexibility and a little more “elbow room.”
  • More air – today’s custom-built family rooms are answering a need for more space and an airy feeling. If you don’t have the space to grow wider, building up is a great alternative. A family room addition with a high ceiling and lots of windows provides a feeling of openness and spaciousness.
  • More light – any home addition is going to change the lighting in the rooms around it. Be sure to consider the impact of a family room addition on rooms that are already well lit, and those that are darker. Not only do you want to have sufficient light in the new room, you’ll want to anticipate the shadows and darkness the addition may bring to your existing rooms.
  • Practical attachment – a family room addition should be carefully connected to the existing home, not just from an aesthetic viewpoint, but also from a practical standpoint. You probably don’t want it to share a wall with a child’s bedroom, for example. Or, you may need to consider a walkway to the family room if the space doesn’t lend itself to practical attachment.

Imagine the possibilities for your home – and your mood — with a custom family room addition.