Fairfax County Homes Hold Value – Home Additions Make $ense

Living in Fairfax County, VA, offers amazing value for the money. Services like education, health care, recreation and sports are among the benefits for residents. It’s no secret that the County’s public schools are ranked among the best in the nation, with higher than average scores on national standardized testing. Fairfax County is also home to five renowned colleges and universities, as well as the largest community college in Virginia. Residents have access to high-quality health care through several fully accredited local hospitals, as well as nationally known research hospitals such as Johns Hopkins and Georgetown. Living in Fairfax County also means access to a variety of parks and recreation facilities, historic attractions and museums. Arts, leisure and sports activities abound both locally and a short commute away in Washington, DC.

As a homeowner in Fairfax County, your location is a valuable resource. If you’re craving extra space, a home addition can be cost effective and much easier than moving. A custom addition costs far less than buying another home. Compared to the national average, Fairfax County has seen little to no drop in home values. It continues to be a sought-after area, so homes with updated, modern additions can only be great values. Adding a kitchen, bathroom, great room or morning room can give you the extra space you need and keep you in your home. Improving your outdoor living space can provide similar benefits. The remodeling will make it seem like new, without the cost and hassle of moving. When you do decide to move, a home addition in Fairfax will make your property even more valuable in the real estate market, bringing you more profit.