Duel of the Duals

If you’re remodeling your master bathroom, consider adding dual master baths. That’s right. Double the bathroom – you’ll have two sinks, two shower stalls and two toilets. They can connect or not, but dual master bathrooms are becoming more and more popular among home owners. BuilderOnline.com confirms the trend toward dual bathrooms by showing several real estate listings that name the concept among the first amenities. The article debunks the myth that your floor plan requires enough space to build dual bathrooms – three of the four homes featured with dual master baths are under 3,000 square feet.

The dual master bath is a great addition for in-laws, guests and older children. It allows both the homeowners and their friends or relatives to have their own privacy and space. Creating a dual master bathroom requires a good contractor, as opposed to a bath fitter or a bathroom specialist. It’s likely the job will require opening and closing walls, along with electrical and plumbing work. Hiring a general contractor for the job gives you a person who, without a doubt, knows how to handle both the reconstruction and all of the personalities. You can rely on a good contractor to have equally good subcontractors who will be skilled in their trades – whether it’s plumbing, electrical or even woodworking. With dual master baths, you can consider your lifestyle and remodel with an eye toward how you’ll use the space. Often, the “his” side has a shower and the “hers” side includes a soaking tub. Or, there are separate sinks and mirrors as well as separate toilet areas, and a shared shower area. Regardless of how it’s configured, your bathroom is finally one you can call your own.