Drafting Your Remodeling Team

Before you start any remodeling effort, whether it be kitchen, bath, family room or master suite remodel, you need to have a team in place.   Who you draft to that team will make all the difference in a winning experience and a champion remodel.
Start with a reputable builder who is a team player. If that builder already has relationships with designers and architects, explore his recommendations. These relationships streamline the time it takes to put a plan in place because of the familiarity of the team with each other’s work and habits. If you ask the builder to work with others that you already know, he should certainly be able to do that. The key is to make sure every team member puts away their biases and joins in the effort to hit the same goals – your goals for the remodel.
The designer will keep the ideas fresh and contribute some of his or her own that will make your space both more dramatic and more livable.  He or she will also be the guiding force in materials selection – from textures to colors. The designer will work with the architect to make sure the designs are feasible within the confines of the existing home, and he architect will come up with the blueprint for the builder to follow. Sometimes the builder does the plan himself. Either way, you can be confident that it will be structurally sound. Each member brings a certain expertise to the table. The team should plan to meet regularly, both with you and on their own. They will always have the final goal in mind – your satisfaction.
Don’t delay in drafting members for your remodeling team. The best architects, designers and builders are the first to be recruited for jobs. Get on their calendars now and get ready for a winning remodeling experience.