Downsizing To Virginia

Virginia isn’t just for lovers anymore.  It’s for retirees.  That’s right.  Virginia has been listed among Bankrate’s 10 best states for retirement.  Retirees aren’t flocking to the hot southern states any more, according to this survey published on  They’re migrating to places that are more moderate in temperature, have low crime rates and high recreational opportunities.  Rated number six, Virginia has all these and more.  Though we may not think about it, Virginia’s low cost of living, good access to medical care and proximity to oceans, mountains, state parks and historic landmarks makes it an ideal retirement spot.  

The housing market will welcome these retirees.  There are plenty of remodeled homes and maintenance-free communities that are perfect for the aging Baby Boomer.  Many of Northern Virginia’s younger residents are transient, and they are making upgrades in homes as they move.  Get one of these, and you’re getting newly remodeled spaces without the effort.  Older residents are staying put – they may not be retiring, but they’re cutting back on hours and continuing to live in the homes they’ve built or remodeled just for this purpose.

If you need to remodel your home so you can stay put, contact your local custom builder.  He’ll have lots of ideas on how you can downsize, when you’re ready.  Virginia is for the active adult!