Don’t Leave Beauty at the Curb: How Adding Curb Appeal Adds Value to Your Home

Selling a house is a lot like applying for a job. First impressions are essential, so you want to put your best foot forward. When hiring, potential employers are often overwhelmed with resumes that all look basically the same. It’s important to set yourself apart so that you can get the interview. When selling your home, potential homebuyers often drive by homes before deciding to go inside. Just like the employer, they have many choices. Adding curb appeal can entice buyers to go inside. Curb appeal adds value.

What constitutes curb appeal? Landscaping is a great first step. Regularly mowing the lawn, trimming shrubbery, watering plants, and keeping gardens well-manicured all help your home look its best and make a great first impression on potential home-buyers. Planting flowers, painting doors or shutters, cleaning windows, adding benches or outdoor seating, or even small touches like tasteful seasonal decorations or lampposts also help.

While they may involve more work, you may also want to consider making some larger-scale improvements outside your home to enhance curb appeal. Such efforts may take some more planning and financing on your part at first, but they all can increase home value substantially in the long run and be well worth your initial investment.

Not sure where to begin? Consider incorporating some of the following additions:

Porches – How many of us have special childhood memories that involve sitting on a porch? Like decks, porches create a welcoming atmosphere and help both homeowners and guests feel at ease. Thomas Custom Builders has years of experience with both traditional and screened-in porches.  We can also help you choose the best insulation for the type of porch you choose.

Decks – There’s something about a deck that’s inherently recreational and relaxing. You can sit outside alone with just a cup of coffee and a good book in the morning, gaze up at the stars with loved ones at night, enjoy a cookout with friends, and make so many other memories. Make sure your deck is built properly and is functional by placing it at least four inches below the entry door to the house to prevent water damage from heavy rain or melting snow. Additionally, be sure to line your entrance area with a thin sheet of metal, copper, rubber, vinyl, or similar material to ensure that precipitation flows away from your house.

curb appeal ideasPatios – Patios allow us to appreciate nature’s beauty without leaving our backyard—and perhaps not even our back door, depending on their design. Patios are often what lead nature-lovers to fall in love with and purchase homes. Patios come in all shapes and sizes and incorporate a diverse line of materials, including granite, stone, tile, or turf. You may also want to consider a sunroom for an indoor or screened-in option. Thomas Custom Builders can work with you to design a room with maximum exposure to the sun.

Walkways – Walkways make a home feel much more inviting. They extend a sense of welcome to guests and say, “Come on in! We’re glad you’re here.” Walkways are also valuable pathways for safety during and after storms. Walkways can make mundane chores like carrying groceries or taking out the trash a little more comfortable.  Whether you choose asphalt, cobblestone, or concrete, your custom builder can help you design all of your outside amenities.

Gardens – Did you know that “green spaces,” or places with gardens or plants improve your mood and happiness level? According to a recent article in Time magazine, gardens and topiary add a sense of vibrancy and life—and thus value—to your home. Side note: gardening itself also brings many health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, improved immune function, more optimal emotional health, lower stress levels and fewer instances of anxiety and depression.

Siding – Just as it’s important to dress professionally for an interview, it’s essential to keep the siding of your home looking neat and clean. Missing or damaged siding can significantly detract from a home’s curb appeal and value. Examine the state of the siding on your house and make repairs if needed. Fixing siding also improves insulation effectiveness, allowing you to conserve energy and save money on climate control in the extreme temperature seasons.

Windows – Like walkways, windows add a sense of openness and welcome to your home that increases curb appeal and value. Be sure the color of your window frames compliment the exterior of your home. Windows are an especially good addition to consider incorporating this time of year before the weather gets cold.

You don’t have to do all of these things to increase your curb appeal. Whatever you do, it’s important to find a custom builder who can get the job done right. A good custom builder will have a designer on board who can help you take your vision of a beautiful home all the way to the curb.


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