Don’t Just Clean This Spring – Remodel!

You’re probably not thinking about spring cleaning right now, but you should be. While the winter winds blow and you hunker down for a long season, make your plans for spring. Instead of just cleaning, remodel! That first floor addition, bathroom upgrade or remodeled kitchen could be just a phone call away, and you can be in the midst of it by the time March rolls around.

Making that first phone call to a qualified home remodeling expert is sometimes the biggest decision. Not only do you need to choose carefully, you need to have the timing right. Remodeling contractors are traditionally less busy during the holiday and winter months, so they are more available to talk with you, offer suggestions and create a plan for your remodeling project. Some jobs take longer than others to prepare. If you contact the builder now, you have a better chance of getting your preferred dates on the calendar.

The process of estimating and confirming a job takes time, as does the ordering of materials and planning. Don’t expect construction crews to arrive at your house the week after you ratify the agreement. With careful planning, your custom remodeler can give you an accurate time frame. In addition to the extra time the contractor has now, suppliers are also motivated. Your contractor may be able to get better pricing on materials during the winter months, because the demand is lower. Wait until the busy season to make decisions, and you’ll find yourself paying top dollar for materials as well as delivery costs. Give yourself something to look forward to this winter. Make it more than spring cleaning – make it a spring remodel!

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