Don’t Get “Handed-Off” to a Contractor or a Third Party

With Thomas Custom Builders, you ALWAYS have access to the Principal Foreman on your project.

Imagine your home remodeling project getting underway, then one day, nobody shows up – and  you don’t know why.  The next day comes, and nothing further gets done.  Or, maybe someone shows up and starts working, but they don’t speak English and you can’t get answers to your questions.  You try to call the person you signed the deal with…the one you THOUGHT would see your project through from start to finish, but they don’t return your calls.

This is not just a nightmare – it’s a reality for thousands of homeowners.  Aside from the quality of work being performed, getting “handed-off” to third party contractors, or poor communication habits, are some of the biggest problems homeowners have with contractors.

Thomas Custom Builders is unique among builders in Northern Virginia.  You can ALWAYS talk to the site supervisor on any remodeling project (kitchen, bath, addition, or sunroom) at any time.  You will get regular reports regarding the progress, updates regarding any changes in plans or necessary work orders, or adjustments to the schedule on a regular basis.

We are committed to keeping you updated on your project – from the first call or email, through the first meeting, proposals, agreements, and the entire build-out process.  Expect timely returns of phone calls or emails, and direct and clear answers to questions.  In fact, in addition to our on-site TCB employees to talk-to, you will have BOTH owners’ cell phone numbers.  When it comes to clear communication – we DELIVER.