Do You Hear What I Hear?

After many years of working with clients to help them realize their remodeling dreams, good custom buildersand remodelers learn how to listen for the key wants and desires.  The home owners usually repeat a key word or phrase several times, like “more space,” or “more room.”   They may talk more about functions they need.  They’ll ask what the builder thinks.  The key is listening to the homeowner.

For example, if we hear a client talk about a bigger eating space in a kitchen remodel but there just isn’t room to do it, we find a way to make it happen.  We ask questions to get to the root of their lifestyle.  We ask about what that bigger dining area would do for them.  After all, they are spending their treasure on this remodel.  It should be worth it.  We try to envision their vision and make sure their expectations are within reach – both physically and financially.  Sometimes their vision isn’t possible within the constraints of the structure or their budget.  That’s when we try to give them alternatives that will work, like a longer peninsula, bigger island or half-wall to open up the space in that kitchen remodel.  We hear their deepest desire, even though they may not say it outright.  When we come back with a workable solution, often clients are surprised, but they are always satisfied.