Customize Your Home Addition

The very nature of the words, “custom home addition” begs for individuality.  A custom remodeling professional is acutely aware of this.  It’s not a cookie cutter approach.  One size does not fit all.  In fact, unless your remodeling contractor is willing to spend a good chunk of time with you learning about your lifestyle, needs and preferences, then providing a personalized plan, he’s not the contractor for you.  

How do you know which home addition is right for you?  Should you do a second-floor “pop-up” addition above a garage or above your home?  What about an attached addition versus a detached addition?  Your custom remodeler will have guidelines that can help you to decide.  

First, evaluate your space.  Do you have space to do something that is attached to your house or something that is detached and requires a bit more land space?  If not, consider building up.  Second, check your local zoning ordinances to make sure you can build up with no consequences or have a detached structure without violating any homeowners’ by-laws.  Third, determine your lifestyle and how your addition will fit within your lifestyle.  If you don’t want to go outside or have a covered walkway leading to the new addition, then a detached addition is not for you.  Consult with your custom remodeling professional and understand his recommendations and his capacity to make the addition a reality.  Make sure it fits within your budget and that you know exactly what to expect.  Then, put your individual touches on the plans, and have the remodeler make it your own.