Curb Appeal Is Not Just for Resale

We all want to live on the nicest looking block in the neighborhood. How does that attractive block maintain its status? Curb appeal. Every home should be upgraded to look its best with clean siding, updated windows and doors and roofing that is functional and attractive. These upgrades not only make your home look nice, they can also increase its energy efficiency. Start at the top and examine the key home investments. First, look at the roof. From the outside, it should have updated shingles that are in even rows, with no gaps or flaps. From the inside, be sure your attic is updated. It should have insulation and good cooling ability. Next, look at the siding or brick on the home. Siding and brick should be clean and mold-free. Check to be sure it’s all the same color shade, as well. Sometimes uneven fading can occur, making the siding look multi-colored. Underneath the siding, there should be plenty of insulation. House wraps are a good way to keep the heat inside in the winter and outside for the summer. Look at your home’s gutters and down-spouts regularly. They need cleaned so that the rain doesn’t pool in unlikely places, damaging the other materials on the home. Keep an eye on windows and doors. Look for any spaces, however small, that could allow drafts to seep through. If you see them, replace the caulking or the rubber weather strips. You’ll be both surprised and delighted at the increased energy efficiency you’ll get just by sealing the open air spots. If you need new windows or doors, plan it out and go for it! You won’t be sorry.

To complete your curb-appeal check, look at the accessories of your home: are the shutters in good condition and painted properly? Is there a sturdy railing on any set of steps or porch? Do the grounds feel inviting, not intimidating? Curb appeal is all about welcoming people. Let your home’s exterior do the welcoming.