Countertop Encounter

Are you keeping a file of all your remodeling ideas? If so, you’ve probably made a section just for countertops. Whether you’re doing a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, countertops can be the focal point of your room. But what to choose? Granite, Silestone, solid surface, laminate… the choices can seem endless and confusing. If you consider your habits and family lifestyle, you’ll be able to narrow the material choices.

Countertop encounter

For your kitchen, evaluate the extent to which you actually cook. If you do a lot of food preparation, you may want to consider material with antimicrobial protection, like Silestone. If you hate using pot holders or trivets, preferring to put hot plates or pots directly on countertops, look for heat-resistant surfaces like granite, concrete or Silestone. For both kitchen and bath countertops, low-maintenance and stain-resistant surfaces are often a good choice for families with children. Cambria, Silestone, Lexton solid surface and laminate are all scratch-resistant and stain resistant for families who are hard on their countertops. These are, for the most part, low maintenance and easy to clean.

After you’ve chosen the material, there are still more decisions – edging, color, consistency. For color and design, you can actually go to the top fabricator to choose your slab of material that will become your countertop. If you see inconsistency in a piece, you can request that the pattern not cover that particular part. Edging finishes your countertop, reflecting a little personality. From flat or bullnose to beveled or triple waterfall, the edge makes yet another design statement.

The best words of advice: Consider what compliments your home best, and choose what you’ll love when your remodeling project is complete.