Counters…the Kitchen Kind

Think counters – not bean counters or counter offers, but kitchen counters.  Kitchen remodeling projects almost always include new counter tops.  They make the room look sleek.  They are functional.  They give the kitchen personality and they reflect your personality.  

Today’s most popular material is granite, thanks to its beauty, quality and low-maintenance characteristics.  The beauty of granite is unmatched.  You need only to walk into a kitchen showroom to see the number of choices and looks.  Granite designs can have motion or patterns.  They can blend or contrast with the cabinets and floor.  The options for edge finishes are just fun to play with and select.  Granite is high-quality and high-durability.  It doesn’t stain, nick or burn, so you can wipe up a red wine spill and never know it happened, cut carrots directly on its surface without consequence, and put hot dishes down sans pot holder.  Granite lives with you and makes kitchen living easier.  

Soapstone is another good choice in counter top material.  It doesn’t stain easily, and it is becoming more popular, while materials like Corian, laminate and marble are dwindling in popularity.  However, you, the customer, must make the choice for your lifestyle.  Design and execution trump expensive materials in a good kitchen remodeling project.  You can have the most expensive granite slab with the fanciest edging and not have the right kitchen layout, and your efforts will be for naught.  Your custom remodeling contractor should be able to advise you on design and execution.  That’s where the bean counting and counter offers come in – when you make sure you have the right advice on the kitchen counters…and every other aspect of your remodeling project.