Count on the Counter Height

Did you know you can request a specific height for your bathroom counters and sinks? There is no right or wrong height, and no specific requirements. While standard height is about 34-35 inches, yours can be something higher or lower, depending on your physical needs or aesthetic preferences. It’s unusual for most contractors to ask about counter height, but if you want something different, speak up. For example, if you don’t want to bend over so far to use the sink, bring the height up a bit to save a nagging back ache. Or, if you prefer a lower counter because you are simply short or want to sit, lower the counter height. A vanity area usually has a counter height of 30 inches, allowing for a 17-19-inch high chair or bench under it.

The key to counter height is the height of the sink, as well. If the sink is built into the counter, then it will obviously be at about the same height. But, if you’re installing a vessel sink, it will sit on top of the counter and will add a few inches to the height. Those few inches make a difference, even though you don’t think it’s a small distance. The counter should be lower to accommodate for the sink. What about a pedestal sink? These, too, come in a variety of heights – review your options before making your decision.

How do you figure out the best height? Either experiment in design showrooms and measure the counter heights that suit you, or note your grooming habits in your current counter situation and see if there are ways to make it more comfortable. It’s all about the individual preferences and your own height and habits. If you don’t think “standard” is for you, then be counter-intuitive – tell your custom remodeleryou’re counting on him for the right height.