Remodeling your Entire Home – When You Should Consider?

Remodeling your whole house is a daunting task. Why would one do such a thing? When you love your kids’ schools, your neighborhood your local grocery store and pharmacy, it’s hard to think about leaving all of that just for a bigger or more updated home. It’s one thing if you are transferring cities, but to move within the same city might not be the best move. If you need more space, remodeling might be the answer, as opposed to the hassles of moving.


Check out the trends in the latest design-build additions. You can build up or out, depending on your property and the zoning ordinances in your town. The most important thing is to select a design-build professional who will concentrate on your addition. Choose someone who has experience in the design-build industry. Does this mean it’s a pre-fabricated addition? On the contrary. Custom builders are design-builders. The key word here is “custom.” Every addition is unique to that home and unique to that owner. Design-build simply means it’s a one-stop shop. You get your floor plan or home design from the designer who works for or with the builder. Together, the designer and the builder come up with a plan that works for the owner’s needs and budget.

The two will look at your existing home and figure out ways to maximize what you already have. For example, your current HVAC system may not be able to handle the entire house plus the addition. It could, however, accommodate the addition on its own. The designer and builder may present a solution that includes buying a new unit for the main home and moving the existing unit in place for the addition. Or, they may conclude your best bet is to create a two-zone heating and cooling system using a new heat pump. There are lots of solutions – you just have to put together the right team to come up with them and the right team to execute them. Whole-house additions are taking the market by storm. Don’t let them pass you by.