Clean Up Your Remodeling Project

Hate cleaning?  Make it easy on yourself when you are doing that dream kitchen remodeling or bath remodeling project by keeping in mind ease of use and cleaning.  When you design your floor plan and select your materials, make choices that will be both attractive and functional.   

For example, use larger tiles with smaller grout lines in kitchen additions and bath remodels – the grout will stay cleaner and you won’t be scrubbing it with a toothbrush every week.  Choose toilets with an Ever Clean surface, which inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, keeping the surface cleaner.

In a bathroom addition, focus on ventilation, drains and glass.  For ventilation, the object is to keep the humidity low.  A quiet fan that is turned on regularly helps keep mildew at bay because it keeps the bathroom drier.  In the shower, try a linear drain.  It will enable you to have a slope in one direction in the shower and you can use bigger tiles with less grout leading up to and in the shower, which equals easier cleaning.  Select a glass for the shower that you won’t have to scrub for soap scum.  Beveled glass can be easier and not show the grime, but it is harder to clean because of the uneven surface.  Or, if you really don’t want the bother of scrubbing scum, select a shower curtain instead of glass doors.

Finally, if you hate scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees, but can’t quite figure out how to avoid it in a bathroom, remodel to get everything up off the floor.  Wall mounted toilets eliminate the need to crawl around and wipe that narrow space and strange shape.  Mount your vanity on the wall and now you’ve got a clear space to run a mop all around the floor.

Plan ahead for easy cleaning – you’ll be glad you did!