Cellar Dwellers

One way to stay in a home longer is to do a basement remodel.  Creating a basement apartment for another generation – either your aging parents or your adult children – is a good way to make your home age-in-place friendly.  Today’s home buyers are conscious of the very real possibility that they may have to take some relatives into their homes.  They are big proponents of in-law suites or apartments.

These apartments offer all the benefits of privacy and individual space, as well as the comfort of being close to relatives in the same house.  The suites have a bedroom with a spacious closet or storage area, a master suite bathroom and a sitting room or living room area.  Sometimes they also offer a mini kitchen.  The basement apartment should be designed to be as light and airy as possible, letting in natural light.  There must be an easily accessible egress from the apartment – a sliding glass door, French door or something similar that would let the light in and let the occupants out with no trouble.  The inside access of stairs should be slip-resistant.  Carpeted stairs are especially dangerous because feet can slip out from under you so quickly.  Try hard wood or steps with treads.

If the occupants are technology-savvy, the space should be wired for computer, cable and WiFi – explore the needs for a booster in the basement.  Many basements don’t get a consistent signal and that can be very frustrating.

Most of all, the basement apartment dweller should feel welcome in the main area of the house and should welcome visits from those above.  That’s how the cellar dwellers can get along.