Can’t Help the Weather

If you’ve thrown your hands up in disgust because of all the snow, ice and freezing rain this winter, you’re not alone. Spring can’t come soon enough, but it, too, will bring its share of frustrations if you’ve got a building or remodeling project on the books. Just how much does weather influence the timing or cost of a remodeling project?

Snow, rain and temperature can throw the proverbial wrench into the best-laid plans. Water is the biggest hurdle for a professional builder. Foundations can’t be dug in the driving rain. Concrete can’t be poured in the rain or in extreme heat or cold. Final grading of the lot is delayed if the ground is too wet. Snow and ice can simply put a job on hold due to hazardous travel to get to the job site.

Our logical brain tells us we can’t help the weather. But if you’re the homeowner who is in the midst of chaos due to a building project, you’re probably a little more emotional than logical. We advise frustrated homeowners to keep a sense of realism. A good builder will communicate any delays and provide solid reasons. If your project is scheduled for winter or spring, some snow and rain days can be built in to the timing. Once your new addition or bump-out is enclosed, chances are the weather will be less of a factor in moving forward.

While poor weather can wreak havoc on timing, it should not have a bearing on costs. You receive an estimate at the start of the job, and the builder should adhere to it. Materials shipments might be delayed, but unless the builder orders expedited shipment, the costs should not increase. There shouldn’t be any surprises. An efficient and professional builder/remodeler will either communicate any increases or take responsibility for them with the vendor.

Just remember: no one can help the weather. We can only plan to work with it, not let it work us.