Can My Home Improvement Boast an ROI?

Sure, most people decide to remodel/renovate their homes because they plan on staying and enjoying it. But life happens, things come up, and people decide to move. When investing in home improvements, it’s natural to wonder if they will increase the value of your home; so let’s explore!

Is it worth the money to remodel your home? Keep in mind that the money spent on renovating your home is reinvested back into your house.  Let’s look at kitchens, for example. Kitchens suffer “wear and tear” throughout the years, and let’s face it: styles and trends evolve. When you’re eventually ready to sell your house, younger buyers will appreciate newer countertops and appliances. They’ll be more inclined to purchase an older home that has had a bit of “refreshing.” Master bedroom additions, bathroom renovations, and even outside deck/sun room additions can dramatically update your home and make it appealing to the next generation of home-buyers.

Looking past your return on investment; if you’ve decided to stay in your home, why not “spruce it up” and enjoy it? “Why not enjoy your new home for some time before you sell? A new kitchen, bath, or addition is priceless to live in and a real asset when you place it on the market. Renovated spaces will make your home the “top of the list” to realtors and those in the market to buy,” says Rick Thomas of Thomas Custom Builders.