Boomer Market Housing – Age in Place

Baby Boomers are reaching the age of downsizing.  A recent article from the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) recommends marketing “lifestyle” to boomers to encourage them to move to a new home.  But we say, Remodel and age in place!” 

Boomers have the choice of remodeling their current homes to meet their lifestyle needs.  Why go through the hassle of selling your home, packing all that accumulated stuff and moving to a new place when you can remodel and stay put?  Why not age in place with a new look and feel that accommodates your mature nature?  Plus, you can’t measure the value of staying near all of your friends and colleagues.

Aging in place remodeling might include a first floor bedroom suite addition to insure you can live on one floor if ever necessary.  A custom remodeler might recommend a bedroom with a sitting area and full bathroom.  Bathroom additions for aging consumers often include amenities like a shower stall with a seat, heated flooring, and extra lighting.  Or, perhaps your kitchen is less functional than it could be.  Keeping in mind possible movement restrictions, remodel with efficiency in mind.  A kitchen remodeler might recommend reconfiguring the kitchen space to reduce foot traffic between the stove, refrigerator and countertops.  An exercise room addition can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle well into your golden years.  Finally, a sun room or morning room adds both utility and beauty to your home.  If you’re spending less time outdoors, you can enjoy some of the outdoor beauty year-round inside your sun room.

No matter how you choose to remodel, customize to make it fit your lifestyle – now and in the future.