Beauty and the Bath

A bathroom remodel as part of the master suite or as the main bath can be beastly, but it will add comfort to your lifestyle and resale value to your home.  According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report for 2011, you can recoup a majority of the cost at resale for remodeling a bathroom in the section of the country that includes the Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria areas here in Virginia.  A total bathroom addition can get you a significant return as well.
Bathroom remodeling must-haves:  a double sink.  Add a mirror that opens for a 360-degree view and houses a medicine chest or storage area, include some soft, natural lighting, and you have your own salon atmosphere.

Other popular additions:  the steam shower.  These have therapeutic benefits and can also be energy saving.   All-tile showers with frameless glass have become a trend.  They lend a seamless, upscale look to the bath.  Fixtures are also part of the detail that can make or break a bathroom.  First, they need to work for you.  If you like a removable shower head, then get one.  Little luxuries like a waterfall fixture add a “wow” factor, and they do the job if you really want it done right.

Wallow in warmth: just about everything can be heated, from the toilet seat to the ceiling.  While the overhead heat lamp in the shower or bath has become the norm, the indulgences have spread to heated flooring and heated towel racks. If you have a smaller area, you can have a heated floor without much expense by having your custom remodeler install a heat mat.  Heated towel racks can be built-in or free-standing.  These things feel like an extravagance, but they can be done reasonably and create a comfortable, cozy bath experience.