Beat the Curve

Do you remember that smarty pants in middle or high school who always skewed the grading curve by getting a great score? It made you want to be the person in the class with the highest test score for once. Now it’s your turn to be at the head of the curve – the remodeling curve, that is. The industry is gearing up for an active springtime, after a dormant few seasons. Qualified custom builders and remodelers will be in high demand, as will materials. Those remodelers who have survived these tough times have done so because they add value to what they do. Whether it’s upgraded materials, specialty subcontracting or just plain good work, the quality contractors will be the first to fill their schedules as demand cranks up in the coming months.

Take action now, so you are at the front of the curve. By taking advantage of this slow time, or calm before the storm, you can get the full attention and quicker turn-around from the best-quality builders. When mid-April hits, there will be no room on the schedules of the top remodelers. It’s likely they are already booked from April forward – an indication of consumer confidence in the marketplace and of their good workmanship. Most people are looking for business now. In fact, a recent radio advertisement from a roofer bluntly states, “Everyone wants a new roof in the spring, but I have time now. If you commit to a new roof now, you’ll pay only the cost of my labor and materials – you pay what I pay.”

When the demand increases, naturally, prices will increase – on both services and materials. If you don’t schedule now with a reputable contractor, you’ll end up paying too much with someone who might not do the right. Beat the curve and call your professional remodeler now.