Bathroom Updates

The latest trend survey from the National Kitchen and Bath Association says ceramic and porcelain tile are the most popular choices in bathroom flooring, despite the fact that they’ve declined in use – down to 83 percent of those surveyed, vs. 93 percent a year prior.  The second most popular flooring choice is natural stone tile.  Many people who are remodeling are requesting heated floors – a luxury, yet a great addition to your new bathroom.  It’s not necessary to heat the entire floor – just heat the area in front of the shower and the walkway, and you’ve got warm toes all the way to the bedroom.

The survey also cites granite as most popular for countertops, with quartz in second place.  Glass back-splashes have become increasingly popular, but tile remains king for the bathroom at 77 percent.  Sheet mirrors are nearly extinct, with smaller, framed mirrors more functional and design-friendly for the bathroom.

We’re also seeing a trend toward bigger showers, in any size and shape.  They are easily accessible, have frameless glass doors or often, no doors at all.  How, you say?  It’s all in the draining system.  Linear drains or slits in the tile will drain the shower easily.  Curb-less showers cause very little splashing, and if drained properly, have no need for a door.    

Talk to your custom remodeler today to see how you can update your bathroom.