Bathroom Debate

Should you or shouldn’t you?  Remodeling anything in your home is a big commitment of both time and money. A bathroom remodel seems especially daunting because of the legendary expense and seeming limitations of plumbing and placement. In reality, a bathroom remodel is becoming a quick way to sharpen up a home.  It gives your home a fresh face and infuses personality.  Whether you make it a peaceful haven or a space filled with modern gadgets, it will update your home in a way that is valuable now and in the future.
A few tips once you decide to take the plunge:  Don’t skimp on design or floor plan.  Know that you are not necessarily limited to the existing space or plumbing layout.  Take advantage of this remodeling time to make your new design as open as possible.   Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter design.  Be dramatic – it’s worth the investment.  In reality, that all-tile shower or completely new lay-out separating the shower from the vanity area is not that much more expensive and it opens your bathroom to a whole new look.  
Start with a good design and carry it through with a good execution.  You don’t have to have brand name products, but they should be high-quality and properly installed.  Your custom remodeler can help with recommendations of excellent products that stand the test of time as well as any brand name.  Again, do your homework by researching what’s available so you are satisfied you’ve made the right choice for you.   Stop debating and start exploring and planning – your new bathroom awaits!