Bathroom Bets for 2013

Soaking tubs:  thumbs up.  Jacuzzis:  thumbs down.  Corian and laminate:  out.  Granite or natural vanity tops: in.  These are just a few of the changing trends we’re seeing in bathroom remodeling.  Take that soaking tub, for instance.  It’s no longer considered a big hole with water jets taking up space in the bathroom.  You can soak in a regular sized tub if it’s deep enough, and still have plenty of space in the bathroom.  Adding frameless glass to the shower makes the shower area look bigger, and also keeps it cleaner, with less chance for mold and mildew to get between the frames.  Double vanity sinks are also very popular in a bathroom remodel.  They are a “must” for resale value, but also make so much sense for people who share bathrooms.   

Many of the design trends in bathroom remodeling projectsare personal preferences, like whether the toilet is enclosed or out in the open.  Others are luxuries like heated floors and heated towel bars.  The best bet is to keep in mind your personal needs and preferences, while choosing materials that people would expect to find in that type of house in that price range in your particular neighborhood.  It’s sort of a “keep up with the Jones’s,” but it’s what will maintain your home’s value.   

Big mirrors are passé, along with oak cabinetry.  White fixtures are the dominant color in the newest bathrooms, and designer mirrors or medicine chests are more the trend.  Additionally, good lighting and numerous electrical outlets have become more important.  The bathroom is a comfort zone, and it should be designed for comfort – yours.