Bathroom Additions Go High-Tech with Electronics

We already know that bathroom remodeling and bathroom additions are among the most popular ways to update your home and add value. But what about the high-tech bathroom? Does your addition need to include all the latest electronic gadgetry like televisions, docking stations, or internet access?

First, when you remodel, you do it to get what you want and upgrade what you already have.  Nothing says you need to conform to trends or market desires.  If you’re investing in a bathroom addition or remodel, it should fit your lifestyle, not what you think the next homeowner’s lifestyle will be. So, if you’d like a place where you can get away from it all, skip the electronics.  If you’re really high-tech, let gadgetry rule!

A recent article in USA Today about high-tech bathrooms quotes a survey from marketing firm 11Mark, saying that three-quarters of Americans reported using smartphones in the bathroom.  Does this call for a docking station on the vanity?  Consumer electronics and audio/video installers have been including bathrooms in their whole-house entertainment systems for years.  A flat screen TV is a no-brainer if you’re a news hound or simply want to multi-task while in the bathroom.  Today’s screens are even found in the bathroom mirrors.  Built-in speakers that connect to the home entertainment system or to your iPod can provide music for shower singers. Lighting controls that progressively brighten the bathroom lights make your morning awakening more pleasant. A central control system for water saving with showers and toilets is also part of a green high-tech bathroom.

Because of the humid and wet bathroom environment, your custom remodeler should work with a licensed electronics installer to be sure the electronics are safely connected, placed and sealed, if necessary.