Bathe Your Room In Light

Bathroom additions or remodeling is one of the best ways to increase value in your home. When it comes to choosing lighting during the bathroom remodeling process, don’t skimp. Take advantage of natural lighting from a window, letting it flow in, foregoing any heavy window treatments. Add top-notch lighting – lots of it. You need more than one light or lamp in the bathroom. Spotlights over the sinks, good wall lamps or sconces on both sides of the mirror will lend both brightness and design to a bathroom remodel.

Choose flattering lighting around the mirrors. Flourescent lighting, one of the most economical, is usually the least flattering choice, making people look green or washed out. Choose soft lighting that will surround your face and help minimize shadows under your chin and eyes. Remember that the clearer the shade or covering on the light, the more light will be released. A smoky or beveled cover will temper the amount of light emitted. Don’t put lights directly overhead – this will create shadows when you look in the mirror. Do use light on both sides of the mirror, and make sure lights around the mirror are at least two and a half feet apart.

If you have a fan, most home remodelers will recommend a fan/light combo or they will install a light next to the fan. Heat lights outside the shower area are also popular – they serve to keep you warm and give you ample lighting. Don’t forget a separate light inside the shower stall.