Appliance Central

Choosing new appliances for your remodeled kitchen can either be a nightmare or a painless process.  When the general contractor or custom remodeler tells you it’s time to make a decision, don’t panic.  Think about your needs – not those of anyone else, not what is the most trendy or high-end.  Think seriously about how you’ll use each appliance.  Determine what you really need, then do your research on-line to see which appliances offer those features.   

Narrow the hundreds of choices by deciding what you don’t need.  For example, if you don’t use dispensed water from the refrigerator, you can easily eliminate all the models that have a dispenser, and cut your costs as well.  Or, just because bottom freezers are all the rage in refrigerators, don’t consider that design if you have a bad back and don’t want to bend over to retrieve items from the freezer.

Ask your custom remodeler to recommend the right appliance designs for both appearance and functionality.  Take a measuring tape to the store with you to be sure the appliances will fit the allotted space.  Don’t be misled into thinking you must buy all the same brand-name appliances.  True, the finishes might be slightly different from one manufacturer to another, but consider how close each item will be to the others in your kitchen layout, and whether or not it will be noticeable.  Make purchase decisions on quality and function in each category.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask the appliance dealer for a discount if you purchase several appliances at the same time.   These are sales the dealer wants to make.