Aging In Place Remodeling

Baby Boomers Embrace Custom Remodeling As They Plan to Stay Put

Age in Place logo for TCBWhile age 60 may be the new 50, and 50 certainly is the new 40, it’s a fact that the first baby boomers have entered their retirement years. They, like every other generation, have their own hopeful views about their living arrangements. Young married couples look forward to purchasing a first home, growing families dream of a suburban house with a yard and plenty of room for children to run. Middle-aged couples with teenage children may find themselves sandwiched between their aging parents and their maturing children, searching for solutions for easy living arrangements. The empty-nesters are evaluating where they will spend their golden years.

Remodeling to Meet the Changing Needs of Aging Populations

A recent study by the National Association of Home Builders estimates that nearly 38 percent of American households are headed by someone age 55 or over. That number will increase to 45 percent within the next seven years, and will continue to be spread across the country, not be concentrated in one geographic area. According to the NAHB, builders and developers have a new opportunity: meeting the needs of the baby boomer population. We have a chance to teach these baby boomers how to age in place. Today’s custom remodelers can help you create a functional space today that will still be functional in 20 years – when you need it most.

This generation of 55+ residents is more fit than ever before, more technologically savvy and more dedicated to their work – whether paying or volunteer. They plan to remain active well into their 70s and 80s, and they plan to do it in their current homes. It’s important to them to remain among family and friends in a familiar environment, doing the things they love. With a few remodeling tricks, today’s new home addition will not only fit today’s lifestyle, it will also be future-ready.

Home Additions Focused on Aging in Place

Smart home additions that anticipate the limits of physical aging will allow successful aging in place. A custom remodeled first-floor master suite with a full bath, complete with grab bars and non-slip flooring, an extended remodeled kitchen with varied counter height and task lighting, or new flooring that allows for easy wheelchair or walker access are just a few ways home remodeling can give you a new, functional space today and prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow. Incorporating universal design elements is another way to be sure your home is age-proof. Even in decorating your new space, keep in mind that bigger spaces between furniture and contrasting colors are helpful as we age.  Throw rugs and monochromatic colors can be hazardous, while good lighting and floors with a little “give” can be healthier.

Aging in place can be a reality with a little planning and a lot of foresight.  Let a custom remodeler like Thomas Custom Builders show you how to get the most from your home addition – now and in the future.