After the Storm: Recovering and Rebuilding

With so many people sustaining home damage during hurricane Sandy, the clean-up and rebuilding is likely to take several months.  The review of the damage with the insurance company alone takes time and a lot of effort from the homeowner.  It’s a good idea to get a quote from a general contractor on the rebuilding or remodeling.  The contractor will be able to provide an unbiased industry cost quote, with no insurance company affiliation.  He or she can break out the quote for damage repairs and any other remodeling items you plan on adding during the construction, so that it’s clear which items the insurance company will cover in the restoration.  If your home is relatively new, a custom builder would be able to duplicate the prior design and materials.  More than likely, if your home is older, the custom builder will have more updated ideas and use newer materials.  You might consider upgrading your bathroom or kitchen or living space at the same time you do the repairs, both for economy of scale as well as timeliness – for you and the general contractor.  The contractor will be most likely to stick to a schedule that’s agreeable to you, moving the repairs along more quickly and providing some leverage on timing.

Contact a reputable custom remodeler in your area for a cost estimate on both damage repair and the most cost-effective way to rebuild and possibly add value by remodeling.