Advanced Planning Construction Best Bet

Did you walk around your home this summer and wish you had a deck or a screened-in porch to enjoy the mild weather? Did your home seem overcrowded with summer visitors this year and you really wished for a bigger place to entertain them? Have you had your sights set on a new bathroom that is convenient from the outside of the house?

Advanced Planning Construction

Despite the fact that summer isn’t even over yet, it’s time to start planning for next summer. If you want to have that deck, porch, patio or home addition in time for the good weather of 2017, you need to start now. It does seem a little far in advance, but if you list even the most basic steps to a remodel, you’ll see that the timing is right. Here are just a few things you need to do:

  • Research what you want done and be able to communicate it effectively to a custom remodeler. That means finding pictures or drawings of your ideas to make them more concrete for the builder.
  • Research general contractors and custom builders in your area. Or, if you’re going to involve an architect or designer, research them, as well.
  • Submit your building plans to the Home Owner’s Association, if there is one.
  • Interview general contractors and provide specs for bid.
  • Wait for the estimates to come back from the contractors, evaluate them against your budget and requirements.
  • Check references and view previous jobs.
  • Award the project and come to an agreement on pricing and project details.
  • Consult with the builder you choose on how the overall job will run and when he can begin. Custom builders are booking into 2017 and have been for some time.
  • Choose materials for your project, and prepare your space for the remodeling activities.

What’s on your calendar for next spring?