Adding in the Attic

Have you ever considered converting all that unused space above your home into a functional room?  Attic rooms are often practical and cost-effective additions. They work when there’s limited space for renovation, allowing you to build up instead of out.
Before you clear the bats from the belfry, make sure your attic has the potential necessary for a room.  Many attics can’t meet building code requirements or are simply unsafe for any use other than insulation and air flow. The potential for remodeling depends on the shape of the attic, the type of construction and the age of the home. It also depends on your local building codes.  Check with a qualified, experienced general contractor to get information on the codes, as well as insight on whether or not your vision is possible. We emphasize the words qualified and experienced.  An attic is not a place to experiment with inexperience. It’s a complicated structure and can cause many accidents both during construction and after completed. Some problem areas might be a weak floor deck or lack of head room in the confines of the space. Expert eyes are necessary to thoroughly evaluate the safety of remodeling an attic.
The experienced contractor will ask you about the room’s intended use. If it’s a bedroom, it will require two points of exit. Sometimes this is impossible in an attic. After evaluating the use, the vision and the cost, an experienced contractor may advise against remodeling the attic. The investment of simply bringing the space up to code may be prohibitive.  A reputable builder will tell you that. Don’t just look for someone who will say, “yes” to remodeling the attic.  Look for someone who can help you find the best solution to your addition needs.