Add A Deck, Please

Last week we mentioned the simple addition of a deck to increase the value of your home. The weather is already getting to the point of pleasant in Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax, VA. Take advantage of this both from a construction standpoint and the ability to enjoy your outdoor remodeling job by considering a deck as part of a larger Virginia kitchen addition or other family room addition.

Decks have nearly as many choices as kitchens and baths. For materials, all wood decks are traditionally sturdy and good quality. But consider the maintenance: cleaning and staining regularly is a must. Composite materials that are a blend of wood fiber and plastic resin work well for ground-floor decks and built-in deck seating. They need less maintenance than wood, but usually need closer joints and wood supports to prevent sagging. The same goes for plastics and vinyl. Finally, a modern architecture home might look great with an aluminum deck using interlocking metal boards.

Size and shape are also variables. Ask your home remodeling contractor what’s best for your needs and home. Whatever your choice, be sure the deck will withstand the outdoor elements to your satisfaction — a run-down deck will be an eyesore, not an asset.