Act Now – It’s a Remodeling Market

If you’ve been considering any home improvement projects and just haven’t gotten them off the ground yet, now is the time to act.  The pent-up demand from everyone waiting to see how the economy fares, how the interest rates act, and just plain waiting, is starting to open up into new business for remodelers.  As spring approaches, more people will begin projects.  

Already we’re seeing an increase in materials prices – wood, drywall, cabinetry and plumbing supplies are all inching upward.  No doubt the cost of labor will follow.  Soon, contractor availability will be limited.  As more and more people act on their plans, more contractors will have full schedules.  You won’t hear the contractor saying he can start your job next week.  

As you’re preparing to act on even a small project, start an idea book.  Cut out pictures of what you like.  Get a vision of what you’re planning so you can show it to your custom remodeler.  

Identify your budget.  Try to stay within it as you’re researching your visions.  If, for example, you’re doing a kitchen remodel and you see a picture of a “to die for” kitchen, put it in your book.  Ask your custom remodeler if there’s a way to get that look for less.   While the budget may be continually revised throughout the process, make sure you have a top number in mind and you stick to it.  Hold yourself and your contractor accountable to come in on budget.   

Professional remodeling contractors are ready for more business.  Make one of their new customers you.