A Suite Fit For a Master

One of the places that can be a haven in your home is the master suite. Often, that room is less of a priority for remodeling or design because no one sees it except you. Ultimately, though, shouldn’t you enjoy an area of respite? Shouldn’t your bedroom give you the peace and relaxation you deserve at the end of a long day?

Whether or not you remodel your home to accommodate a luxurious master suite depends on many factors. If you’ll be reselling your home, a master suite remodel could add value. If you’ll be staying in your home for a long period of time, revamping your master suite can help you well into old age. If you plan to stay in your home in your community as you grow older, you need to consider how you’ll continue to occupy your home. You may be agile and move freely now, but with aging comes difficulty with movement, falls, and general safety issues.

A first floor master suite is a great, forward-thinking addition. Talk to your custom builder to learn your options. The first thing he will do is check the zoning laws to be sure you have the room to build up or out. In addition, he’ll check the laws concerning number of bedrooms and baths based on your water or septic. You may have to make some additional modifications to existing bedrooms if you add a master suite – the possibilities range from combining two smaller bedrooms into one, or creating a studio from one of the existing bedrooms. Every project is different, but the knowledgeable contractor will review the rules and provide some solutions.

Once you decide to go ahead with a master suite remodel, choose the best amenities you can afford. From an extra-large shower with a seat to heated floors and towel bars, think about what will be easy and luxurious for you. In the bedroom, if clothing storage is a primary concern, be sure you have enough built-in closet and shelf space. In short, if you’re spending your money on this addition, it should be something that will have a long life and be fit for a master – or king.