A Picture Is Worth…

When searching for just the right builder or remodeler for your major home project, one of the things that is often helpful is to review the builder’s work.  You can see this in several ways.  Most custom builders have a file of dramatic, sexy pictures of finished rooms they’ve done.  These are nice to ooh and aah at, but what was the road like to get there?  Before and after pictures are most useful for you to see the level of work a builder can do.  They will show you exactly how much work was done and how the room was transformed.

Visiting a job site that’s under construction is also a great way to see how a builder works.  You can observe his team in action, see how respectful they are of the client’s home, and get a feel for their work ethic.  You might also be able to talk to the homeowner (if they are ok with it) and get some true opinions of the work.  If a builder won’t let you visit a job site, that’s a red flag.   A good builder has nothing to hide and will invite prospective clients to research him in as many ways as possible.  That includes calling references, reviewing records, seeing completed jobs and those in progress.  When it comes to selecting the right custom builder, a picture and an experience are both worth more than a thousand words.

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