100 Percent Satisfaction – Guaranteed

How many times do we hear this mantra:  “Satisfaction Guaranteed?”  What does it really mean?  It certainly depends on which role you have in the business relationship – the servicer or the customer.  At Thomas Custom Builders, our customers’ satisfaction is paramount.  Our livelihood and our future success are predicated on the satisfaction of our current and previous customers.  As with many businesses, new business is generated from referrals or repeat business.  If that one little detail that a client mentions in passing is not corrected or if one small item is overlooked, it could be the difference between 100 percent satisfaction and…well, not satisfied.    

In today’s world of instant gratification and instant communication, opinions about a custom builder orremodeler can be found with a few computer keystrokes or a few taps on a smart phone.  A very high rating on sites like Angie’s List definitely counts as much as word-of-mouth from a neighbour who has used the company.  These ratings are achieved because the business is truly good.   

100 percent satisfaction means we don’t compromise on quality.  If there’s something wrong in the client’s view, we make it right.  Most importantly, everyone on the team – from the owner to the helper janitor – has to buy into the uncompromising quality performance and work ethic.  It’s like keeping a good friendship.  You have to work at it.  It’s not just lip service, but it’s how you man the work.  Everyone’s goal has to be the same:  satisfy the client.  If we achieve that each and every time, then we’ve achieved 100 percent satisfaction. Then, it’s a guarantee.